I have spent most of my sports related time coaching distance runners and rehabilitating injured athletes rather than writing about it.

My coaching and rehabilitation is in sports ranging from athletics, to basketball, to cricket, to hockey, and triathlon; there have even been a few cyclists.

Here are the few things I have written about sport.

Non-ethics related:

Lucas, Richard, 1994, Deep Water Running: Tips and TechniquesSports Coach, 17:1, 13-18.(reprinted in: Modern Athlete and Coach, 1996, 34:3). Read the full article here: deep-water-running

Here is the PDF version of a presentation I gave at a sports medicine doctors conference in about 1995:  deep-water-running-presentation.

And, finally, an article I wrote a very, very long time ago but still relevant:

Lucas, Richard., 1986, The coach-athlete relationship, Modern Athlete & Coach, Jul 1986: Vol.24 Issue3, p.33-35.

Ethics related:

Perkins, Paul, Hahn, Allan, Lucas, Richard, and Keegan, Richard, 2014, The Boxing Conundrum: Is there a place for a new variant of the sport?,  Journal of Research in Humanities and Social Science, Vol.2 Issue 9, p.09-25.

The boxing conundrum. Is there a place for a new variant of the sport?

I have a minor part in a Stateline interview of 2008  Stateline Northern Territory 2008

Lucas, Richard, Why does the taint of corruption stick to sport and what can we do about it?, The Conversation, 13 June 2011

In 2005, I was invited to put together a panel of sports experts for a television program: I was the Developer, Writer, and Presenter of, Ethics in Sport, Moot Point television program, Public Broadcasting Channel 31, 29 June 2005, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia