As a Senior Coach with more than 30 years experience I am in a unique position to appreciate the position of most people who are passionate about sport and the devastating effect unethical behaviour has on them.

My sports ethics advice is available for all in sport: athletes, coaches, officials, managers, and administrators.

Most of the advice I give hinges around making the concerned person aware of their philosophy of sport (everyone has one even if they are not consciously aware of it!). From this I help the sportsperson identify the parts of their general value system that have particular relevance for sport.

For athletes

There are many challenges facing athletes today. There are the ones that appear in the press, almost daily it seems; doping, playing to lose, playing your best (or to just win), and so on.  These by and large are not seen by the majority of everyday athletes. Then there are the more frequently encountered ones: playing to the whistle or taking a dive.

I offer a way for athletes to think their way through these issues so they can arrive at a considered decision that is consistent with their value system.

For coaches

A wise coach (thanks Dick Telford) once said to me that, at best, a coach might make 10% difference to an athlete’s performance.  But what a difference that can be. Coaches are in a privileged and powerful position. The athlete depends on them for many things besides simply technical training advice. In most cases the coach holds the balance of power in the coach-athlete relationship.  Some common moral issues are: trust, confidentiality, belief (in the athlete), and abuse of power.

For officials

For managers

For administrators