The other services I offer are:

  • Ethical privacy policy development
  • Informed consent documents
  • Ethics Change Management


It seems that privacy is one of the buzzwords of the moment.  I take privacy seriously and believe that others ought to as well. I can give insight into how privacy is understood (well and badly), how it is abused, how it is green washed. How it can be instantiated (what a fancy word) in words and deeds.

Informed Consent

Out of respect for others it seems clear that getting their consent to do things to them, to use their information, to say and do things on their behalf requires their consent. However simply getting them to agree also seems not enough.  They ought to understand what is being asked, what will be done, what the consequences might be, before agreeing.  The problem is how do you know they are giving informed, knowledgeable consent? How do you know they are not simply agreeing to avoid having to think about it? How do you know they have understood?  Is it ever ok to do things without their consent? Parents do it all the time. If no means no does yes really mean yes?

It can be a challenge, trust me I’m a doctor!

Informed consent documents can be complex, biased. I can help work this out.

Change Management

Most of the work that ethics does involves change.  Managing how that change occurs is important.  Handling the repair of ethical relationships requires sensitive, caring management.

I am a certified Change Manager.  Perhaps I can help.