I, Richard Lucas, PhD, FACS, CP have worked in the academic and practical fields of ethics for more than 25 years. For the specific details of my quals see: My qualifications.

I have delivered expert professional and business ethics services to employers, employees (including volunteers), professional associations, community groups, and those involved in sport (at all levels). I also offer philosophical counselling to those with existential angst.

I have many other qualifications, other experiences, such as five children, change management certification and athletics coaching (Level 3 certification- more or less retired).

I am NOT a legal practitioner! I do not offer legal advice.

I am neither a psychologist nor a traditional counsellor: I do not offer para-medical advice.


past Adjunct Senior Research Fellow at the Centre for Applied Philosophy and Public Ethics (CAPPE) at Charles Sturt University. Note: CAPPE was established in 2000 and ceased to operate  31 December 2016.

Associate, University of Canberra Research Institute for Sport and Exercise (UC-Rise)

Fellow and Certified Professional, Australian Computer Society

Member, Committee on Computer Ethics, Australian Computer Society.

Member, Australian Association for Professional and Applied Ethics.

Member, The Ethics Centre.