For those who want to explore their own value system (call it a personal code of ethics if you want), come to grips with a particular ethical concept, or simply talk freely about some general matter of concern without the judging eyes of a group, an individual consultation is the way to go.

Workshops can be run for individuals but this is rare. A seminar for one always devolves into a workshop.

Individual sessions typically run for up to two hours but can be as long as four depending on the moral literacy of the individual and their endurance!

A difference

There is, however, a difference between an individual ethics education consultation and professional ethics advice.

In the individual ethics education consultation I focus on three aspects of the individual’s value system; where it came from, where it fits in with the standard ethical theories, and how an individual can articulate their values to others.

With professional ethics advice I focus on the interaction between personal values, professional values statements, and workplace ethics.