There are lots of reasons to review your ethics. Here are just a few.  I have written a more extensive exposition (four pages to be exact, well 3 1/2 really) on the benefits.  You can read it in benefits.

For the individual — So, what’s in it for me?

  • A better understanding of your
    • own value system,
    •  workplace ethics culture,
    • profession’s ethics statements.
  • A greater capacity to (greater likelihood of)
    • giving frank and fearless advice,
    • resisting unethical demands.

For organizations  —  So, what’s in it for us?

  • A better understanding of the ethical climate of the organization.
  • Higher staff morale.
  • Greater team cohesion.
  • A greater likelihood of actually giving and receiving frank and fearless advice.
  • Fewer management difficulties. Fewer project failures.

Workers who believe they work in a moral organization trust their co-workers; they take responsibility to fix errors rather than turn to accountability, run for cover, and hunt for a scapegoat.

I believe that —

(almost) all management difficulties are moral difficulties:

(almost) all project failures are moral failures.


frank and fearless advice is not always welcomed.